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Why You're Here.
Why We're Here.

You hold the key to unlock higher learning for all.

We believe the key to learning is in your hands. 

College degrees are great, but learning is far more powerful. Learning is about self-discovery. It's about finding your story and understanding how it fits into the broader human story of us. It's about becoming more: more knowledgeable, more capable, and more neighborly.

Traditional classroom lectures can be useful, but they often miss the unique insights that you have to offer. If you discover how to learn in and as a community, you'll create knowledge for you and your peers.

The good news is anyone can learn how to learn alongside friends.

Don't believe us? See for yourself by signing up for our Relational Learning Guide. You’ll discover how anyone can use seven simple keys to not just obtain college credits, but lasting friendships as well. 

Here is our story from Dr. Jeff Kreh (co-founder and President):

2014: I logged thousands of hours during more than ten years as a prison missionary.


During this time, many supporters and friends kept asking the same thing:

"How can we help keep inmates from going back to prison once they are released?"


Incarceration-involved friends kept answering:



Research verified that a quality college education does more than any other effort to help people leave prison for good.


So, Likewise College was born.


We discovered that while most incarcerated high school graduates want to learn more, most of them feel discouraged by the cost and disconnected feeling of either distance studies or being "preached at" in the classroom.


I kept saying:

"I know how you feel. I felt the same way. We found something different."


Our team of academic professionals got together to integrate nearly five thousand years of human-learning research to create a simple program that:

  1. Builds subject knowledge

  2. Sharpens academic skills

  3. Encourages a servant leader's heart.


The resulting certified, evidence-based college degree programs balance just the right training, in just the right amounts, at just the right time.


It works.


Likewise gives me hope that I can succeed during and after college. Even though it's more challenging than regular school, you keep it simple to learn. And you're rewarding me more than just how I think or what I think I know. – Chris S.


Five years later…


Hundreds of your incarceration-involved neighbors have received our seven simple learning tips and received life-changing college credits. They're becoming more capable spouses, parents, and citizens thanks to students, faculty, donors, and volunteers like you.


Through it all we’ve seen over and over:

The key to learning is in your hands.


Likewise has become perhaps more than a dream. It's a way for anyone to get an affordable education while changing the world. And we're adding other social causes, like rehabilitation residents, foster-involved kids and adults, and people trapped in poverty.

It feels more like a calling and it’s extremely humbling.


When I say that I’m grateful for you, be assured I really mean it.


Thank you — Jeff

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